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Wholesome BoB game!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


This is me and my friend's first Belonging Outside Belonging game and we are currently having AN ABSOLUTE BLAST telling the witch high school story of our dreams. The amount of prompts in setup is so varied yet mixes so well together which gives us a good way to communicate to each other what kind of game we want to play.

Our game went from dorm room drama to discovering the dark secrets of the academy to worrying about grades and the game gives us enough tools to make us flow through all the fun story beats with ease.


This is wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing with me. I'm so so thrilled you're enjoying this game so much <3


This game is so fun! I love the framework for setting scenes, and I think it's a really good introduction to the Belonging Outside Belonging system for anyone who hasn't played a game in this system before. The different playbooks of witches use tropes and archetypes without becoming tired cliches.

I also like that the book presents a plethora of topics for the players to explore and interact with, of various levels of seriousness. The Adult Witches in your game could have very silly traditions or could be perpetuating real-world systems of marginalization, all based on what the table is interested in exploring.

I also HAVE to mention that the artwork for this game is lovely. Overall a very fun time, and I look forward to playing this even more in the future!


Un juego ligero pero hermoso, que no solo versa sobre la magia, sino que esta lleno de ella y tambien de amor.

Su diseño es de lectura agil lo cual no impide que se puedan crear historias complejas mas llenas de ternura.

Sin duda un gran descubrimiento, ideal para contar y vivir historias de exploración y crecimiento, llenas de magia y desafios. 

Ahora a esperar la traduccion para que el disfrute sea muchísimo mas!


So glad this is on itch finally! This is an amazing little game and it radiates quality all around. It is also a great introduction to BoB games and GMless ttrpgs in general. One of the best ways to spend an afternoon with your friends.

10/10 would cast a spell to shrink my cats and bring them to class in my backpack again.

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A lovely GMless game, wholesome and cozy. 
Creating your witch and interacting with others is a marvelous experience that I always want to do again. 
If you're into gay witches, witchy animes/mangas, and school drama and don't like to be bossed around by GMs, this game is for you! 


A wonderfully magical and fun game. I love the artwork and the nods to Little Witch Academia!

I made a video quick look:


This is such a wonderful video! Thank you so much Philippa <3